About Patti Wagner
After more than 20 years in the corporate business world as a Human Resource Executive, Patti now serves as President of Upward Journey, an organization that specializes in helping senior leaders create transformational organizations. Her specialties include Leadership Development, performance improvement, culture transformation and strategic human resource management. Since founding Upward Journey 10 years ago, Patti has been working with top leaders (from small business to large corporations) in building successful organizations. She creates and delivers customized programs intended to improve organizational performance and increase leadership awareness of the power of people. Patti’s education includes a specialized Presidential/Key Executive MBA from Pepperdine University and BA in Management from St. Mary’s College (CA). Her “Transformation TemplateŠ”, developed as part of her thesis, has been successfully used by senior leaders to build new core competencies into their operations. Among certifications obtained over the past 20 years, she is a certified trainer, coach, facilitator, and a qualified consultant for various assessment tools. Patti also serves as Adjunct Faculty and Senior Consultant for a number of community colleges throughout North and South Carolina, developing and teaching leadership programs for local businesses. She is known for her creative approach and ability to combine theory with practical application, creating dynamic learning environments for top leadership teams. Even the most seasoned leader can experience new awareness through her programs. Patti’s passion is in helping senior managers become inspired leaders who are able to access and expand the synergy of the human spirit within their operations.

E-mail Patti: pwagner@upwardjourney.com

Who We Are
The easiest way to explain who we are is to consider our name, “UPWARD JOURNEY” and what it means. We help individuals and organizations realize their full potential, reaching greater levels of achievement and success. We help build bridges between people, within organizations, and across cultures. We continually work towards raising levels of awareness and clarity to ignite the personal passion within each individual, align that passion with purpose, and create amazing group capabilities. Our collaborative team of senior consultants partner with client companies to provide exceptional programs and support.


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What We Do
We customize our approach, whether it is a training program, ongoing support, or assistance in utilizing our products or services. Our intention is to establish and co-create long term relationships through quality programs that bring value and results. We help in developing key leaders, redefining organizational models, and improving operational performance through providing strategic assistance and partnership.

We help people connect their PASSION with their PURPOSE!

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Where We Deliver
We can provide services and programs on-site with our client organizations, or in off-site settings as determined. Some of our programs are delivered through public offerings at various locations (see Event Schedule for details). Many of our tools are on-line solutions, and we can also creatively utilize virtual conference rooms to deliver training.

We customize our delivery to meet the needs of the client.

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